It Is Three Weeks To Go

You’ll hopefully have finished packing your cupboards at three weeks to go. You’ll be able to start packing any non-essential belongings and put them away as well. It’s a good idea to try to do it in the next few days, if you’re painting any rooms. Order any packing supplies you want or need since it’s all ready. It is important to order as far in advance because you’ll have the supplies on hand.

It Is Three Weeks To Go_

List any questions you may want to ask and start investigating schools in your new area. Consider how accessible the school is, like whether there’s a school or public bus route to take your children there and whether you need to pay for this, while considering which the best school in the area is.

Those quotations that you’ve requested should be coming in now too and they should be making appointments to evaluate your belongings in order to decide what size of van you’ll need and how many men you’ll need to help you move, or simply just the size of van you’ll need. To prevent any delays in changing your details to your new home, you should have chosen your new utility provider by now and have any forms you need to fill out for your bank. You should also have a lease by now if you’re letting, with details of what you are going to have to take care of on moving in.

You also should start close down the internet and let them know when you’re moving. Now is a good time to arrange this if they have to come pick up (or move) your equipment. It’s good to make sure that you meet the minimum notice clause from the internet service providers or you may be over billed, or fined.