FAQs about Removing Asbestos from Bathrooms

Bathrooms are among the very most renovated sections of the home, and there is an incredibly real threat that building materials have been taken advantage of, sadly for any home assembled in Australia before 1987.

Because of their insulating material and water resistant properties, asbestos behind tiles, in fibro sheeting, and in the cement flooring of many toilets should be removed if these regions can be renovated.

Because of the danger of inhalation of tiny airborne asbestos fibres causing a range of deadly lung ailments, it’s crucial the hazardous material is always removed using the best strategy.

Here are some common questions regarding the best way to eliminate asbestos in an approved and safe manner.

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Whether the bathroom has asbestos how will you know?

Depending on the degree of the renovation, get a sample and the best way to know for sure if asbestos is present is to have a licensed hygienist visit. Unless the region in question is being renovated or the asbestos is damaged or exposed, not all asbestos will need to be removed.

A report will detail the kind and character of the asbestos present after the stuff sample was analysed in a laboratory. Most builders, plumbers and other contractors will never manage to begin renovation work any asbestos was removed and until the areas in question have been examined.

Can you remove asbestos yourself?

It is suggested for those renovating their bathrooms to factor in the price of professional removal of asbestos, however, in many homeowners are allowed to remove up to 10 square metres of bonded asbestos products.

A licensed contractor must remove friable asbestos, (i.e. asbestos that crumbles or can be easily reduced to powder).

It’s recommended that individuals who work with asbestos themselves undertake training courses to prevent vulnerability when handling asbestos materials.

They should always wear a mask as well as old clothing that may be disposed of if individual homeowners remove asbestos.

How should you dispose of asbestos?

In case you are removing asbestos yourself, be constantly aware that asbestos must be wrapped in plastic sheeting and taped before being safely fastened in a vehicle. Keep your protective clothing on while disposing or transporting.

Call your local council to locate which landfill sites take asbestos disposal as not all facilities are equipped to manage asbestos. Take note that higher prices are linked with dumping asbestos than routine waste disposal.

How much does professional asbestos removal cost?

This is a labour-intensive job and does not come cheap, so it is significant that the price is factored into the price any toilet renovations that are extensive.

A little bath may be between $1500- a larger bathroom between $2500 and 3000 -3500.

The ease of getting the stuff, the amount and size of asbestos sheets, and also the space to the disposal facility and also the expenses of disposal, are all variables that influence the price of asbestos removal.

Remember what materials need to be removed and when obtaining quotes over the phone, the most accurate cost could be given with the more info which is provided, including the size of the bathroom. For much more suggestions or help, contact companies like Gold Coast Asbestos Removal.